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Women’s Gambling Behaviour

Although women gamble not so much as men, the gender gap is gradually disappearing. We tend to think women are not interested in online gambling. But it is far from the truth: there are a million stories about girls gambling away all the money they had. Like men, women get cash wherever they can and spend it with just one click. 

In the 21st century, addictive behaviour is common among women: they spend money their relatives save for a rainy day, borrow notes off friends, and get into debt.  

The only difference — typically, there are no warning signs affecting women people around can notice. The closest family members may not suspect anything unless things get worse.

Why Do Women Gamble?

woman gambling

We think of the 21st century as the era of widespread feminization of such institutions as education, government, family, marriage, culture, etc. Society (both men and women) is sure that there are no problems female faces. However, it’s not really like that. Most women feel oppressed: they are exploited by employers and husbands. They are also exposed to sexual harassment.

Women tend to internalise stress and disappointment. Playing at the min deposit casino helps them to relieve the stress of the daily routine. For example, young moms are overwhelmed by caring about a child. They may suffer from gambling addiction. Women bear many household chores. Being unable to do everything alone, ladies want to escape. Video slots are one of the best ways possible for this. 

As we already said, females are experiencing dysfunctional relationships, including domestic violence. Abuse of some kind may lead to gambling addiction as a refuge. Online games help women self-medicate. They truly believe there is nothing wrong with them, except for devastating emotional, psychological, and financial effects. All these cause compulsive gambling — the inability to resist impulses to gamble.

Why Do Women Hide Gambling Addiction?

Many women never seek help because they are afraid of losing children. Some stole money and feared ending up in jail. Typically, they are more ashamed than men are. It is hard for them to admit how strong their addiction is. Women crack down on social pressure. Since childhood, girls have been taught to be all-around good: to become a good wife, mother, cook, and cleaner. They cannot fall below expectations. 

There are many cases of women gambling at an older age. They feel lonely because kids have their own families and concerns. Ladies’ spouses may have distanced themselves or passed away. It is a lot to take.

Women start gambling later than men, but their problems develop more quickly. Experts think it happens because women play high-stakes games such as pokies and bingo. 

Gambling Addiction Treatment 

gambling addiction

Unfortunately, there are numerous cases when female gamblers may be close to killing themselves. The feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness may torture them.

The first step is to realise you are addicted to online gambling and ask for help.

There are many gambling addiction treatment centres in Australia: 

  • St. John of God Health Care;
  • St. Vincent’s Hospital Sydney;
  • South Pacific Private;
  • Brain and Mind Centre;
  • DayHab.

The compulsive gambling treatment needs to be individualised. As a rule, most Australian gambling addiction treatment centres have special programs for female clients. The programs include the following treatment methods:

  • Cognitive & behavioural therapy;
  • 12-step program;
  • Somatic Stress Release. 

The significant condition is other women’s presence, as healing is much quicker when you are surrounded by females facing the same problem.